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Domestic Violence

Have you been charged with a crime that has been labeled "domestic"?

Crimes of violence may be enhanced by being labeled “domestic".   This means there is, or has been, a family or live in relationship between the person accused and his/her accuser.  These allegations can carry stronger mandatory penalties, including jail sentences, and lengthy and expensive counseling requirements.  A misdemeanor battery (one year maximum sentence) may be enhanced to a felony of the third degree (5 year maximum sentence) if strangulation is the method of battery alleged.
Almost any crime of violence may be designated domestic.  Aside from the penalties associated with the criminal case, your right to possess firearms and ammunition will be lost upon even a misdemeanor conviction for a domestic battery under federal law.  Possession of a single bullet can result in a five year mandatory sentence under federal law.

Florida places special emphasis on the prosecution of domestic violence and actually requires the creation of special units of prosecutors specifically trained to focus on the pursuit of crimes of domestic violence.  For this reason you need the assistance of a skilled, dedicated and experienced domestic violence defense attorney in Gainesville.

Experienced Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer in Gainesville

At DeThomasis and Buchanan you will benefit from our combined experience of over 75 years practicing criminal defense in Gainesville, Florida.  We are committed to the thorough exploration of the state’s allegations and to employing investigative resources to find relevant evidence on our client's behalf.  Let our experience assist you to seek every opportunity to urge a dismissal, reduction of charges, exclusion of unlawfully obtained evidence, or assertion of your lawful defense.  Contact DeThomasis & Buchanan for a legal consultation with an expereienced domestic violence defense attorney.