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An injunction is sometimes also called a restraining order, protection order or order of protection.  There are several different types of injunctions available in Florida, including:

    *   Injunction for protection against repeat violence
    *   Injunction for protection against domestic violence
    *   Injunction for protection against dating violence
    *   Injunction for protection against sexual violence

When a person needs an injunction, it is often believed that one can simply go to court and handle it themselves. Such a person may think that one can tell his or her side of the situation and the issue will be resolved appropriately. Unfortunately, that isn't always the way it works.  While any person may file for an injunction, the requirements for each type of injunction vary.  Injunction proceedings are not simple legal matters. One misstep could lead to a negative result.

If one is defending against an injunction, it must be understood that the court takes injunction matters very seriously. Even if the request for an injunction may seem false or frivolous, the court will want to be sure to protect anyone from harm and may be inclined to grant an injunction when there is doubt. When an injunction is entered, it is not easy to undo.

Whether one is filing for an injunction or have been served with an injunction, the litigant may be required to present all evidence at a hearing which could take place in about two (2) weeks from the date of filing the injunction.  Two weeks is a very short time frame and, often, more time may be required, particularly when defending against a Petition for Injunction.

If you have been served with a petition for injunction or want to submit a petition for injunction you should contact an experienced Gainesville injunction lawyer at DeThomasis & Buchanan, PA.