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Each lawyer in this firm has more than 25 years experience practicing criminal defense in Gainesville, Florida and surrounding areas, including Alachua, Levy, Bradford, Union and Gilchrist Counties.

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Sex Offenses

The phrase "sex crime" is a generic term applied to any criminal allegation involving sexual activity such as rape, child molestation, sexual abuse, sexual battery, indecent exposure, prostitution, and lewd or lascivious conduct.  Being accused of a sex crime in Florida could ruin every aspect of one’s life.   A sex crime charge will affect your reputation, your liberty, where you live, who you talk to, how you travel – literally every aspect of your life.   Because of the publicity of past cases involving sex related offenses, especially those involving children, a person facing charges will more than likely face potential prejudice and discrimination from law enforcement, the jury and even court personnel.

The general designation of “sex crime” also includes allegations of attempted sexual misconduct arising out of an internet sex “sting” that don’t actually involve real people.  Increasingly law enforcement officers are taking to the internet on web-sites like Craigslist and Backpages advertising to meet individual interested in sexual activity.   These “sting” operations often begin with online advertisements that purport to involve adults, but ultimately, in a bait and switch, turn into the police pretending to be the guardian of a child or a child interested in sexual activity.  Criminal charges related to such cases include soliciting a child to engage in sexual activity, traveling to meet a minor for unlawful sexual activity or soliciting a parent or legal guardian to allow a child to engage in sexual activity.

All states, including Florida, have severe penalties in place for felony sex crime convictions. Penalties for some sex offenses range up to and include a mandatory minimum life prison sentence.  If convicted of most sex offenses, one will have to register with a national and/or state sex offender registry, which usually includes having ones photograph posted on the internet.

Whenever you face criminal charges, you should talk to a lawyer before you say anything to police. At no time is this more important than when you are accused of a sex crime.  Law enforcement investigators are lawfully permitted to misrepresent the “facts” when questioning a suspect or witness in any criminal investigation, including sex offense investigations.  It is imperative that one seek legal advice before being questioned by law enforcement and utilize the constitutional right that every American has to seek legal counsel before answering questions in any criminal investigation.  Contacting an attorney early on is critical.

Do not contact the victim or his/her family. Contacting the alleged victim can make your situation worse and it may appear that you are trying to influence a witness leading to additional charges.

When facing a charge for a sex offense, the most typical reaction is shame and embarrassment.   At the criminal defense firm of DeThomasis & Buchanan,  we provide clients with respectful, confidential, and non-judgmental representation while defending you against sex crime charges to preserve your rights and freedom.  The successful resolution of a sex crime case requires a combination of effective legal counsel and thorough investigative techniques.   Each attorney at the DeThomasis & Buchanan law firm has more than twenty-five years experience representing individuals charged with sex crimes.  Each lawyer at the DeThomasis & Buchanan PA law firm has actual jury trial experience litigating sex crime charges.   You can rest assured that any and all options will be pursued to secure the best possible outcome. This includes plea negotiations, trial defense, and alternative sentencing.

If you are accused of a Florida sex offense or if you are being investigated for one, you should speak to an attorney immediately to learn about your rights, your defense and the legal system.  A competent sex crime lawyer can make a difference.  If you or another member of your family is suspected for or has been accused of a sex crime, contact a Gainesville Sex Crime Attorney at DeThomasis & Buchanan for a legal consultation about your rights.