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Suspended Drivers License

The criminal offense of driving while driver's license is suspended or revoked can be prosecuted as a civil infraction, a misdemeanor criminal offense, or even a felony criminal offense.  The specific circumstances of each case and how it is prosecuted will depend on whether there is proof the driver knew their driver's license was suspended, why the license was suspended, and whether there are any prior convictions for this offense.

If one is charged with driving while their license is suspended, it is important to consult with an attorney experienced in handling suspended driver's license offenses, who can review your driving history and the applicable law to best advise you on defending against such a charge.

Many times the potential penalties do not appear that severe when one first appears in court.  However, in addition to any penalties the court may impose, one needs an attorney who understands how a conviction may affect your driving history and whether the Department of Motor Vehicles/Division of Drivers Licenses will impose their own independent sanctions that may include a lengthy suspension of your privilege to drive.

If you are accused of the offense of driving while license suspended or revoked for any reason, the attorneys at DeThomasis & Buchanan are prepared to evaluate your case and provide effective representation.  Each Gainesville criminal defense lawyer at DeThomasis and Buchanan has more than twenty-five years  experience representing individuals charged with criminal traffic offenses.

Contact a Gainesville Criminal Defense Attorney at DeThomasis & Buchanan for an experienced and effective defense.